LP Guide

Information about LPing

Adding Liquidity

1) Connect to Acala Apps. Click on Swap on the left-hand side.

2) Click Liquidityat the top of the page. Then, select the token pair and amount of liquidity you'd like to contribute. Then, click Add Liquidity. When "Add all assets in a balanced proportion" is toggled on, it will only allow supplying both of the token pair in a balanced way. However toggle it off, allows you to supply tokens in any proportion - include to supply only one token.

If you are participating in an incentive program, please make sure to toggle on Stake LP Tokens so that you can receive your incentive rewards.

3) Return to the Staking tab then select LP Staking to make sure you've staked your LP tokens (see red box in screenshot) . If you see a 0 balance there, your LP tokens are not staked, please proceed to Step 4. If you have a staked token balance, your LP tokens are earning rewards and you do not need to do Step 4.

You can also use this page to see the details of your LP tokens in addition to the rewards you've earned.

4) Click Stake/Unstake and then enter the amount of LP tokens you'd like to stake. Click Stake again.

Withdrawing Liquidity

1) Connect to Acala Apps. Click on Staking on the left-hand side.

2) Go to the pool where you are staking your LP tokens and click Stake/Unstake.

3) Enter the amount you'd like to unstake and click Unstake.

4) Go to Swap on the left-hand side then click Liquidity at the top and then click Withdraw Liquidity. Select the token pair that you'd like to withdraw. Click Withdraw Liquidity.

5) Your tokens have been withdrawn and you can now view them on the portfolio page.

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