Bootstrapping Guide

Information about LPing during the Bootstrapping phase

Video Explainer


1) Connect to Acala Apps. Click on Swap on the left-hand side.

2) Click Bootstrap at the top of the page. Then, select the Pool you'd like to contribute liquidity to. Then click on the indigo Bootstrap button.

3) In the bootstrap, you have the opportunity to provide one token or both tokens in the pair. If you are contributing only one side of the Pool, you are effectively converting 50% of that token into the other token at the exchange rate when the bootstrap ends.

Select what type of liquidity you'd like to provide, enter the amount and click Bootstrap.

4) The screen will update showing you that you have successfully added your tokens to the Bootstrap.

5) You can return to the Boostrap page to track the status of the pool along with your estimated LP share.

6) When the bootstrap ends, return to the Bootstrap page and click Claim on the pool you provided liquidity to.

7) Click Claim.

8) Go to the Earn tab and select the pool that matches your LP tokens. Click Stake/Unstake.

9) Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake. Remember, you will only earn incentive rewards on the tokens that you stake. Click Stake.

10) Your LP tokens are now staked. You can click on the Details arrow at the bottom of the pool to track your ACA rewards.

Read more about Bootstrap Program here.

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