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Information on ACA Staking Programs

⚠️ Important Note on ACA Staking

Staking is not built into the tokenomics of ACA. Instead, ACA staking programs are offered on an ad hoc basis. This is due to a couple reasons:
  • The ACA token supply is fixed at 1 billion tokens. There is no inflation. This means that Acala can't print tokens to distribute as staking rewards.
  • The Acala parachain gets its security users staking DOT on the Polkadot Relay Chain. There is no need to stake ACA to provide security for Acala.


1) Before you stake, you will need to have created a wallet and transferred your ACA to that wallet.
  • Learn how to create a wallet here.
  • Learn how to transfer your ACA to your wallet here.
2) Connect to Acala Apps. Click on Earn on the left-hand side.
3) Click on Collateral Staking and then Deposit/Withdraw ACA.
4) Enter the amount of ACA you'd like to stake and then click Deposit.
Keep in mind that you will need to pay transaction fees to unstake and that you won't be able to use your staked ACA to pay those transaction fees.
5) The amount of ACA you staked will appear as Staked. You will also be able to track your ACA rewards and claim those rewards, if desired. Note that ACA rewards are subject to a Loyalty Bonus. You can unstake your ACA and still earn your Loyalty Bonus, but claiming the rewards will cause you to lose your ACA bonus.
6) Users can claim their ACA rewards by clicking Claim. Users can also withdraw their staked ACA by clicking Deposit Withdraw and then entering the amount they'd like to withdraw.


What do I need to do to earn my full staking reward?

To earn the full staking reward, users will need to stake their ACA for a full four months and not claim their ACA rewards until the program ends.

Can I unstake my ACA at any time?

Yes. Users can unstake their ACA at any time. However, you will not accrue any additional staking rewards. If you wish to keep your Loyalty Bonus, you must also wait until after the Loyalty Period ends before you claim your rewards.