Vault Guide

Information on opening, managing and closing Vaults

Video Guide

Minting aUSD

1) Connect to Acala Apps. Click on Mint aUSD on the left-hand side.

2) Click Create Vault.

3) Select the collateral you'd like to use to mint aUSD. Click Next.

4) Enter the amount of collateral you'd like to lock in the Vault along with the amount of aUSD you'd like to mint. Click Next.

5) Review the terms and click Confirm. You've now minted aUSD. Make sure to manage your Vault appropriately so you can avoid liquidation.

Managing Vault

Return to the Mint aUSD tab to manage your Vault.

At the bottom left of your screen you can payback aUSD to release your collateral. Alternatively, you can mint more aUSD, if desired.

At the bottom right of your screen you can deposit more collateral or withdraw any excess collateral. Lastly, you can also click on Close Vault by Swapping Collateral which will sell off the collateral in the Vault to repay the aUSD.

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