LDOT Staking

Users that stake DOT will receive LDOT which is a representation of their staked DOT tokens. Users holding LDOT earn DOT staking rewards (the LDOT you hold is worth more DOT every day).

The LDOT tokens can also be staked to boost rewards. Check out the latest programs on the Earn tab to learn more.


1) Bridge DOT to Acala

Use the xcm bridge to bring DOT from Polkadot to Acala trustlessly.

2) Mint LDOT (Stake DOT)

Navigate to Liquid Staking.

Enter the amount of DOT you would like to stake. If you'd like to boost your rewards, swipe on the Stake LDOT for Reward button. Remember that LDOT tokens are the same thing as staked DOT, so if you hold LDOT, you are earning DOT staking rewards.

3) Check Staked LDOT Rewards (Boost Rewards)

Navigate to the Earn Page - Collateral Staking to check your boost rewards. You should see the amount of LDOT you have staked and the amount of aUSD rewards you've earned.


What is LDOT?

LDOT is a token backed by staked DOT. When you stake your DOT on Acala, you receive the LDOT token as a receipt. This LDOT earns staking rewards. You can hold it and accrue staking rewards (just like staking), or use it in DeFi apps to boost your earnings (but can incur additional risks). The choice is up to you.

What are the risks of LDOT?

Users are subject to slash risk. This means if the validators staking the DOT misbehave, a portion of your tokens could be taken away as penalty. This risk is also present when you stake on the Polkadot Relay Chain and may also exist if you stake on an exchange (depending on your exchange's rules).

What are the risks of staking LDOT?

The risk is the same if you hold LDOT or if you stake LDOT.

How long does it take to unstake my DOT?

You can pay a 1% fee to unstake your DOT instantly or you can pay a smaller fee to wait the 28 day unbonding period.

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