General FAQ

Frequently asked questions about connecting to Acala and performing transfers.

Connecting to Acala

Why is the Acala app not connecting to my Polkadot.js extension?

The Acala app may have trouble connecting to your Polkadot.js extension for a few reasons. Please try the following:

Make sure that your extension is set to “Allow use on any chain.” Refresh the web page.

Make sure that you are allowing the website access to your extension. Open “Manage Website Access” and make sure that is allowed. Refresh the web page.

If those attempts fail, try turning off ad blockers in your browser settings. Refresh the web page.

If you are still having trouble connecting, it’s possible that another browser extension is interfering or there is some other unknown issue with your browser. Consider downloading a new web browser and redownloading the polkadot.js extension. You can import your account to the polkadot.js extension in the new browser by selecting “import account from pre-existing seed” and entering your seed phrase. Then proceed to connecting the Acala app at

How do I switch to a different account in the Acala app?

You can switch to a different account by clicking on your account name in the upper right hand corner of the app. After clicking on your account name, a pop-up window will appear where you can select change to switch to a different account.

Transfers to and from Acala

Can I send tokens to my Ledger?

Yes, you can transfer tokens on Acala to Ledger by following the instructions here.

Signing Transactions

Why am I getting an error when I try to sign my transaction?

You could be getting an error because you are trying to use a wallet that isn't supported. Ledger wallets will not work even if used with the polkadot.js browser extension. Additionally, users with other active wallet extensions can sometimes receive errors.

Why is the transfer button greyed out on the Acala Dapp?

Please ensure you have both your AdBlock and all VPNs you use turned off if you would like to use the Acala Dapp to transfer your assets.

You can use ACA or any other token listed on Acala swap to pay transaction fees.

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